Bill Gray's Regional Iceplex

Bill Grays Regional Iceplex

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.



    1. Each team captain must register their team prior to any players being able to register for the league on that team's roster. When registering, all captains must indicate that they are a coach/team official, and a player for their team. That specific question is asked prior to entering your name and other personal information.

    2. Upon successful completion of each captain's registration, the League Director will receive a notification that a team has signed up for a league night. He will then approve that team through the registration system for the registered division (ie; verify team skill level).

    3. Once the team has been approved, the team captain will receive an automated notification email which will also include a unique team registration link for their team. Each team captain must then send that team registration link to all of the full-time players that they wish to have on their roster.

    4. Each player must then register for the team/league through that link, at which time they will be required to pay the league fee, and will be added to their team's roster.

    Click HERE to view a registration process tutorial

    FREE AGENT REGISTRATION PROCESS: All Free Agents will register through the FREE AGENT registration link. When signing up, you will be required to list which league night and playing division you would like to sign up for. The League Director and staff will do it's best to get you placed on a team, and that process will typically be completed within a few days of the start of each new season. All free agents who are not placed on a team will receive a full refund of the league fees.


    Each player wishing to sign up for the Draft League will need to click the DRAFT LEAGUE link (below), and sign up individually. If you wish to be a team captain (which is selected through a lottery), you will need to indicate that when signing up.